What’s Hydrogen?

 “Journey to a Hydrogen Society” (with English caption)

Hydrogen, literally means "water-former”, is a chemical element.

Properties of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the number one element on the periodic table and it is already widely used in our daily life.


  • Hydrogen has the smallest atomic number and most abundant in the entire universe.
  • Most of the hydrogen on Earth exists as compounds like water (H2O).
  • Hydrogen is widely used in industrial applications such as fertilizer manufacturing, semiconductor processing, petrochemical industry and more. Also, hydrogen is used in a residential fuel cell system called "Ene Farm" and secondary batteries (nickel-metal hydride).

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen has been used as a raw material for chemical reaction, or an element to convert other materials‘ properties. Today, more and more focus is on using “hydrogen as a source of energy” for producing electricity, heat and power.


  • Hydrogen can be used as a clean energy.
  • Hydrogen can be fed in internal combustion engines for mechanical power, or fed in fuel cells for electricity and heat.

Safe Handling of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe and is normally a colorless, odorless and non-toxic gas. There are established technologies to handle hydrogen safely.


  • Strict safety measures are in place for Hydrogen. The main control areas for the safe use of Hydrogen are:
  • (1) Leak prevention (2) In case of leakage, stop the feed (3) and ventilate well until dissipate
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